Seven Questions to Ask Before Joining a New Gym

Finding the right gym for you can be a challenge. Many gyms, from commercial to private gyms, have a specific niche. Sometimes, you need help with what to look for when looking for a new gym, but we’re here to help! Here are seven questions you should ask when searching for a new gym.

How Close is the Gym to My Home or Work?

There’s no point in joining a gym that you’ll never visit. Research has shown that if your gym is more than 12 minutes away, you will likely find reasons NOT to go. Look for a gym within walking distance or one that provides free parking in a safe, well-lit parking lot. If you work outside of your home, find a gym between your home and your place of work. You’ll find it easier to go to the gym when it’s already on the way to where you’re going.

What Are the Busiest Days and Hours?

Figure out your gym’s rush hours. Having a good idea of the days and times your potential gym is busiest will help you determine whether you’ll need to wait for machines or have the sauna all to yourself.

Can I Try it Before I Buy it?

Many gyms offer a free trial to get a feel for the gym and decide if it fits you. Visit the gym when you’d typically go and see how busy it gets, whether equipment is readily available, or if classes you want to attend are available. If a gym doesn’t have a free trial, ask for a free pass to try it! West Coast Strength offers 7-day free trials, so give us a try!

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

Before you sign a membership contract, you should have a solid understanding of the cancellation policy. Some gyms may allow you to get out of the contract without a few days of signing up if it’s not a proper fit. Others might charge cancellation fees or require proof that you recently moved away.

What Qualifications Do Your Trainers Have?

If you’re interested, ask about your potential gym’s trainers on-site. Whether you’ve plateaued in your fitness goals, need help being reintroduced to the gym environment, or have specific goals like bodybuilding or improved performance, utilizing a personal trainer is a great idea! Ensure the trainers have proper qualifications and experience, whatever goal you want to achieve.

What Are Your Cleaning Procedures?

Germs can thrive in a gym, putting you at risk for skin infections and viruses. That’s why asking how often the gym, locker rooms, and bathrooms are cleaned is essential. Ask about or look for well-stocked cleaning stations for members to wipe down mats and machines with sanitizer.

Do You Offer Group Classes? If So, What Kind?

It’s completely normal to get bored with your workout routine. Group fitness classes can break up the monotony while teaching you something new and holding you accountable for your fitness goals. You’ll also want to determine a few things, such as if you need to sign up in advance, whether classes are capped at a certain number, or what fitness level is required for each class.

West Coast Strength Offers a 7-Day Free Trial!

If you’re in the Portland area and looking for a new gym, sign up for a 7-day free trial with West Coast Strength! Give us a chance and see why we’re the best gym in Oregon! Stop by and sign up for a free trial today!

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