Eight Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is the perfect workout for all ages and abilities, from young swimmers to seniors with limited mobility; anyone can benefit from swimming. Here are eight benefits of swimming that you need to know!

Benefits of Swimming

Works Your Entire Body!

One of the most significant benefits of swimming is it truly works your entire body! Swimming increases your heart rate without stressing your body, tones muscles, builds strength and improves endurance. Try including various stroke techniques to fully work every bit of your body, such as:

  • Breaststroke
  • Backstroke
  • Sidestroke
  • Butterfly

Your Insides Will Be Happy!

While your muscles get worked, your cardiovascular system does, too! Swimming improves cardiovascular function and strengthens your lungs. Some studies have shown swimming can help lower blood pressure and control blood sugar.

Swimming is For Everyone!

Anyone from young children with asthma to seniors with arthritis can benefit from swimming! Always consult your doctor to ensure that swimming will work for you, but here are a few examples of who can benefit from swimming:

  • Swimming helps reduce pain and improve recovery from physical injuries.
  • People with asthma benefit from the humidity and breathing exercises.
  • People with multiple sclerosis can find relief with support and gentle resistance.
  • Swimming can reduce pain and stiffness caused by arthritis.
  • Pregnant women can have a lower risk of early labor and congenital defects.

Burns Calories Like Crazy!

Swimming is an effective way to burn calories. The average 160-pound person burns about 420 calories per hour while swimming laps at a low or moderate intensity. In comparison, that same 160-pound person would only burn about 310 calories per hour walking at a 3.5 MPH pace and only 180 calories per hour practicing yoga.

You’ll Sleep Better!

Nearly 50% of older adults experience some level of insomnia, so this will be good news for you! One study has shown that older adults with insomnia reported a boost in quality of life and sleep after regular aerobic exercise. The study focused on various aerobic exercises, including elliptical, Stairmaster, bicycle, and swimming.

Easy on the Joints!

With most forms of exercise, you have two options: high-intensity, hard on the joints, and low-intensity, easy on the joints. Swimming gives you the best of both worlds! Buoyancy reduces your body weight by 90%, meaning your joints only need to support 10% of their usual load while swimming, drastically reducing your chances of injury.

Kids Love it!

Children should get at least 60 minutes of aerobic activity daily. It doesn’t need to feel like a chore, either! Most children love swimming, making it an easy activity that gets them moving. You can sign your child up for swimming lessons, register them for the swim team, or have unstructured swim time to get them moving.

It’s Affordable!

Swimming is relatively affordable and easily accessible. Many pools offer reasonable rates; some public schools or activity centers offer free swim hours or a sliding scale based on your income. Depending on where you live, you can take advantage of natural bodies of water like oceans and lakes to get your swimming in!

Enjoy our heated pool at WCS!

Our West Coast Strength location in Clackamas has a heated indoor pool to take advantage of swimming lessons, our swim club, water aerobics, and free swimming! We provide year-round comfort with convenient changing rooms and clean shower facilities. Give us a call or stop by to learn more!

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